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Nicole Zvarik presents “Passages,” traveling the Heroine’s Journey. Using time-based media and live projection by Jessica Gomula, dancers explore the […]


Affectionate Dreamscapes

An interactive video installation in which a Kinect camera responds to audience gestures by manipulating video, creating an interactive and […]

11 Dimensions

The Work

My visual arts research creates collaborative intermedia artwork in diverse public spaces, which addresses socially conscious subject matter. Through video […]

Modesto 2034

Modesto 2034

A location based choose-your-adventure style alternate reality game set in the year 2034. During game play participants uncover located throughout […]

11 Dimensions

Eleven Dimensions

Eleven Dimensions. 40 minutes. 2014 – present. Produced by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic. Audio by Sean Clute. Performance Choreography by Pauline Jennings. […]

Dream Garden

Dream Garden

The Dream Garden allowed the public to create fabric flowers from used clothing, and then write their personal dream in […]

Chalk Walk

Chalk Walk of Art

A public art project created during the LOVE Modesto April 2013 event. The Chalk Walk of Art recreated a large-scale […]

10th Street

Meet Your Neighbor

In the Summer of 2011, the residents of Modesto were greeted with the smiling faces of their neighbors. In shop […]


Euphemistic GMO

When genetic mutations occur, either naturally or through forced recombination, all sorts of wondrous things may occur. As the audience […]



A complexly layered piece, this two-part interactive and live-participation installation uses the audience to help create the sound score. A […]

gasoline puddles

Gasoline Puddles

Gasoline touched rain puddle create rainbows because the oil and water interface reflects light at different frequencies, and at different […]