The Building Imagination Initiative becomes an Art Center

Building Imagination Initiative

Housed within the Video & Time-Based Media program of the California State University Stanislaus Art Department, the Building Imagination Initiative is a uniquely service learning oriented, interdisciplinary, academic and research program. The Building Imagination Initiative is offered to students who wish to gain core industry experiences through a project based, integrated learning environment which has strategic partnerships with leading non-profits. Dedicated to creative applications of digital technologies and targeted service learning opportunities within Modesto, CA and the greater Central Valley, the Building Imagination Initiative is a highly innovative research program which focuses upon the low quality of life rankings of the Central Valley and the re-imagining of its future as a metaphorical bridge for social struggles endemic to humanity itself. Faculty and students representing interdisciplinary interests create a unique academic environment dedicated to realizing individual artistic intentions while creating a collaborative structure for critical thinking and the understanding of media ecology.

The Building Imagination Initiative’s mission is to:

  • To support a highly interdisciplinary educational program dedicated to experimentation, research and creative production involving technology, art, and service learning.
  • To facilitate student research and educational opportunities through service learning, programming, research, exhibitions, publishing, conferences and events.
  • To facilitate dialog and cross-departmental student research and educational opportunities between the Department, the University, and the community.
  • To facilitate diverse cultural experiences for students while generating an understanding of the depth and complexity of the visual arts.


The Building Imagination Initiative becomes the Building Imagination Center

The Center began as an extension of the Building Imagination Initiative, and was expanded into a Center through a generous ArtPlace grant. The Mission of the Building Imagination Center is to provide an exhibit space for video art, with a focus on the creation of new and original documentary films of and with the local community. The Center aims to create a new video arts presence in the Central Valley.

Please view the Center’s actual website, HERE.


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