Gasoline Puddles

Gasoline touched rain puddle create rainbows because the oil and water interface reflects light at different frequencies, and at different phases, causing interference cancelling and different angles of refraction.

In this interactive video, live video captures the viewers image. A silhouetted dancer is floated above the viewers’ mirrored image, and performs a dance of eloquent movements, grand swooshes and cutting arm gestures, just as the gasoline floats about the water in the gasoline puddle. Live video manipulations shift and fragment the dancer’s silhouette, mirroring the light’s refraction by the gasoline and the water, and inviting reflection by the viewer as they see mirrored glimpses of themselves beneath the distortions.

This project allows the viewers to become subjects as well as co-creators, providing another path for viewers to re-contextualize their environment and re-imagine themselves, just as the rainbow transforms the gasoline puddle into something momentarily wonderful.