The Building Imagination Initiative’s Alternate Reality Game aimed at changing the world for the public good, PLAY was invited to join San Jose’s ZERO1 Emerging Artist Network. Join the game and become your own superhero! Superheroes solve all types of quality of life issues in real and fantastical ways –  coming up with creative solutions to our most urgent social problems.  Join us and participate by contributing original  stories, images, animations, videos, and more, earning virtual rewards as you do.

This game places value on player-created communities, collaborative stories, and collective efforts. Each contribution helps create a different future. No team of experts knows better than YOU what an influx of imagination can have upon your life, or what action you can best take to spur it forward. Personal reactions to our simulated influx of imagination, placed in context with many other points of view, will help us all realize what’s at stake in our community.

Please see the project’s actual website, HERE.