A Place to Train


Single Channel Video. 3 minutes. 2020.

A modern day warrior uses a joyful wisdom to transform his martial arts training into a vehicle of purity, goodness, and beauty. A film which reflects upon the ancient arts within a contemporary context. 3 min.

    • 2021: jellyFEST Film Festival,Semi-finalist. Los Angeles, CA.
    • 2021: Open Screening, Livestream. Artists’ Television Access. San Francisco, CA.
    • 2021: Spotlight Short Film Awards. Atlanta, GA. Award Winner.
    • 2021: Golden State Film Festival. Los Angles, CA.
    • 2020: Avalonia Film Festival, Best Performance Art. Ormond Beach, FL. Award Winner.
    • 2020: Canada Shorts – Canadian & International Short Film Festival. Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Award Winner.
    • 2020: 100 from 10. Stan State Art  Place. Turlock, CA.
    • 2020: Portsmouth Shorts::Cut Film Festival. Portsmouth, United Kingdom.
    • 2020: LAMPA International Film Festival. Perm, Perm Krai, Russia.
    • 2020: 3 Minute Film Festival, Santa Barbara, CA.
    • 2020: Action! International Film Festival. Encinitas, CA
    • 2020: Wales International Film Festival. Swansea, Wales.
    • 2020: FLOW Festival. Plantation, FL.
    • 2020: FilmFest by Rogue Dancer. Raleigh, NC.
    • 2020: BonDance International Film Festival(盆おどり国際映画祭),
              Hizenyumekaidou Ninja village. Saga, Japan.
    • 2020: Asian Cinematography AWARDS (ACA), Quezon City, Philippines.

Produced & Directed by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic
Key Cast: Shifu Zhou Chuangang
Production Design by Nicole Zvarik
Sound Design by Sean Clute
Cinematography by Brandon Guerra
Camera Operators: Nicole Zvarik & Christopher Gomula-Kruzic

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