The Work

In her art, Gomula-Kruzic explores the nature of the physical body and societal constraints with an enveloping visual style that places the viewer in the action—frequently as a complicit participant. Her work is where the

Manifesting the Hidden

Single Channel Video. 6:36 minutes. 2022. Set on the pacific coastline, Manifesting the Hidden is a dance for camera work in which contemporary contact improvisational dance is intertwined with martial arts movements, in a quest

The Spaces Within

Single Channel Video. 6:03 minutes. 2022. The Spaces Within is a dance-for-camera work in which contemporary dance movements are intertwined with an ancient traditional movement form, in a quest to find universal elements within each.

The Delight of Mountains

Single Channel Video. 5:24 minutes. 2021.   The Delight of Mountains is a dance-for-camera work in which contemporary dance is intertwined with an ancient traditional movement form, in a quest to find universal elements within

A Place to Train

Single Channel Video. 3 minutes. 2020. A modern day warrior uses a joyful wisdom to transform his martial arts training into a vehicle of purity, goodness, and beauty. A film which reflects upon the ancient arts

Mutable Spirals of Ascension

Single Channel Video.  9:12 minutes. 2018. Mutable Spirals of Ascension is a dance for camera work that follows two dancers as they navigate Shanghai’s bustling streets, urban forests, and massive industrial sites in search of

Filling Her Shoes

Single Channel Video. 10:27 minutes. 2015. The story of a woman’s struggle to fit into the confines of social mores and resist her inner temptations. A struggle that ultimately fails, causing a breakdown of the

Quotidian Mandala

Single Channel Video. 8:41 minutes. 2016. Playing with direct confrontation, a solo dancer searches for enlightenment through cycles of repetition. Infused with strength, emotional intuition, and fierce intellect, she embraces her own demure fragility. She is

Yard Work

The space of greatest tension between human and animal is the domestic territory of the house. Suburbs are therefore at the front line of the confrontation between humans and synanthropic animals. As woodlots and agrarian landscape

The River Bank

When humans coexist with and avoid persecuting wildlife in and around our communities, we safeguard ecosystem health, agricultural stability, food security, and the creation of new sustainable economies (e.g., ecotourism). Ultimately, coexistence with wildlife is

The Fort

The ever-expanding metropolitan regions of North America are complex urban biomes, teeming with a diversity of animal species which often exist at the periphery of our human conscious. It is not until we are confronted

The Stone Wall

In many cases, human-wildlife interactions are labeled as “conflict” due to negative perceptions associated with the mere presence of a wild animal. Evidence that humane coexistence strategies are effective abound.ifaw

The Water’s Edge

The bird in the backyard, separated from the human by a physical boundary, is considered a source of entertainment. If the same bird enters the house, control is lost, and it is suddenly perceived as

The Log

Many wildlife can be seen day or night. A wild animal that is active during the day may be normal and healthy. Some wildlife may adapt their behaviors to be more active during the day

The Den

California is rich in diversity of people and land. The golden state is home to more plants and wildlife than any other state and nearly 40 million people. As more people live and recreate in

Complicit Participants

Jessica Gomula-Kruzic’s Complicit Participants   Jessica Gomula-Kruzic is subversive. In her artwork, she playfully introduces ideas. As a viewer, you follow her logic and new notions are revealed. She subtly encourages participation and you naturally