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Disordered Passages

Directed by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic. Choreography from Nicole Zvarik’s “Passages.” Audio design by Sean Clute. Disordered Passages is exploration of inward journeys […]


Filling Her Shoes

Single Channel Video. 10:27 minutes. 2015. NOT YET RELEASED. The story of a woman’s struggle to fit into the confines […]

Quartet 6

Quotidian Mandala

Single Channel Video. 8:41 minutes. 2016. Playing with direct confrontation, a solo dancer searches for enlightenment through cycles of repetition. Infused […]

Dreams of Affection

Dreams of Affection

  This dance-for-film piece, directed by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic, is based on Broughton’s poem Always, Ever, and Only. The choreographer, Nicole […]

Modesto Modernism

Modesto Modernism

In the middle decades of the 20th century, the Modernist architecture of Modesto, California, was on the cutting edge and […]

11 Dimensions

Eleven Dimensions

Eleven Dimensions. 40 minutes. 2014 – present. Produced by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic. Audio by Sean Clute. Performance Choreography by Pauline Jennings. […]

Submerged Performance


Collaborating with DOUBLE-VISION, Submerged is a video response to Modesto’s water uses and issues. This video poetically explores some key […]



A video response to Modesto’s repeated rank­ing as the most unliv­able city of its size in the coun­try. Modesto’s prob­lems […]

gasoline puddles

Gasoline Puddles

Gasoline touched rain puddle create rainbows because the oil and water interface reflects light at different frequencies, and at different […]

Gold for Aphrodite

Gold for Aphrodite

A visual juxtaposition of prayers for the Goddess of Love juxtaposed with the neon signs for actual strip-clubs. This project […]