Filling Her Shoes


Single Channel Video. 10:27 minutes. 2015.

The story of a woman’s struggle to fit into the confines of social mores and resist her inner temptations. A struggle that ultimately fails, causing a breakdown of the prescribed order.

  • 2020: 100 from 10. Stan State Art  Place. Turlock, CA.
  • 2019: World Music and International Film Festival. Arlington, VA.
  • 2018: Midpen Media TV, Channel 30. Palo Alto, CA.
  • 2018: Glendale International Film Festival. Glendale, CA.
  • 2017: Complicit Participants. Turlock, CA.
  • 2015: Resident Artists’ Workshop. Safehouse for the Performing Arts. San Francisco, CA

Produced and Directed by Jessica Gomula; Choreography by Nicole Zvarik; Music Composed by Sean Clute; Starring Hannah Pierce, Amanda Crawford, and Julie Rubriger; Filming by Ludlow Media; Production and Post-production Assistance by Stanislaus State ART 3622 Documentary Video students.

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